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What's a "GS" Game Sage?

Game Sages are volunteers chosen from the S4 League player base. They have shown exceptional dedication towards the S4 League community and are accomplished and knowledgeable players. A Game Sage can answer most of the questions that a player may have and can perform a few additional tasks, as listed below.
What a GS is able to do

- Receive and forward game related feedback
- Perform forum and in game events
- Answer game and forum related questions
- Moderate the S4 League forums and ShoutBox
- Monitor overall server performance and notify a GM in case of trouble
- Receive behavior related reports and forward them to a GM
- Receive bug reports and forward them to a GM

What a GS is unable to do

- Show any kind of favoritism (e.g. hand out free items or AP)
- Fix bugs
- Alter already existing game features
- Develop new game features
- View your tickets or respond to them
- Ban accounts or threaten to ban any account
- Deal with ban appeals
- Investigate event related issues (reward not received, AFTER 2 days have passed)
- Deal with GS related feedback

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